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We Have a Dream

One of our prayers at S2F is that we would be able to rent a space, close to where the women sell themselves. From a practical perspective, this would allow us to keep our outreach supplies in an easily accessible location, solving the weekly logistical challenges we often face. We would also be able to store additional items like clothes, food parcels and other gifts for the women, which we cannot always carry on our tours around the area.

However, we pray for much more…

Having a small apartment close to the ‘Gare’ would allow us to meet women more privately, more frequently and more easily. It would afford the women the opportunity to have a short break in a safe place, to get something to eat if they are hungry, or to hide if they would need to. Our dream is to create a space of peace and rest, where the women can focus on God and where they will feel loved, safe and respected.

Some of the women tell us that they pray regularly, and that they often go to church in their home country when they are with their family. However, they do not feel that they can join a church community in Luxembourg. Some say going to church is not possible because they work until the early hours of the morning. Others confess that they feel too ashamed to step into a church building, and fear being recognised.


We would love to create a kind of chapel, or small prayer room just for them, which could answer their need of being nourished spiritually. It could afford them a moment of peace to reflect on what is going on in their lives. Many of the women are being watched all day every day, and a few minutes just under the gaze of the Lord could be a treasure, so much more valuable than we could understand fully.


A small apartment in the area is still out of our reach, financially speaking. We estimate we would need approximately €12,000 a year for rent. Thankfully, we serve a great God who can make the impossible possible and who has so many servants here in Luxembourg willing to help.

If you know of a place to rent in the ‘Gare’ area, which could be transformed into “The Spring”, please get in touch HERE! Alternatively, if you feel called to contribute financially to making our dream a reality, to enable us to better serve the women, you can donate HERE.

(Please use the reference “The Spring”, so that we can allocate the funds towards this dream.)


Above all, please continue to pray for our friends in the street.

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