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About Us

Spring2Freedom was launched by Christians in Luxembourg.
Our asbl has been present in the field since 2016. We visit women in prostitution regularly, listen to them, offer our help and sometimes refer them to other associations if there are specific needs. We support women in their struggle towards independency and dignity once they have decided to stop with prostitution.

“The person’s dignity, her/his value as a human being and created in God’s image, are absolute values on which our work is founded.”

Anja (founder of Spring2Freedom)


What is our mission?

We want to prevent and combat human trafficking and every form of commercial exploitation of human beings and to help its survivors mainly by:

  • Building friendships with survivors of human trafficking and with persons in prostitution.

  • Offering pastoral care and counselling to survivors of sexual exploitation and to persons in prostitution.

  • Supporting those who want to leave prostitution.

  • Advocacy and prevention activities.

What is our vision?

Human trafficking and each form of sexual exploitation should not exist in this world. Both are harmful and destroy human dignity.


We wish to play our role in society. Based on our Christian world view, our actions are determined by the love of our neighbour and by mercy. We recognise the importance of human rights and of human dignity, which are independent of origin, religion, nationality, or gender. Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected (Charter of Human Rights of the EU, art.1).

It is important for our beneficiaries to have social contact over and above the professional contacts they have, to have a friend to rely on, who listens without judging. Friendships can help to gain confidence and hope. It can make people feel stronger when facing their actual difficulties.


Our vision is holistic: giving care towards healing and recovery, enabling victims a new start in life should not only concern the body, but also the soul and the spirit of a person. For that reason, and respecting everyone’s beliefs and choices, we also offer pastoral help to those who need it and ask for it. We believe that trust in God can give new hope and strength. For this reason, we want to be on the road together with the survivors; to encourage and help where we can, whether they believe in God or not.

Image by Jan Tinneberg
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Why do we focus on prostitution?

We are focused in the first place on exploited persons in prostitution because it is known that most victims of human trafficking are men and women who are exploited in the so-called sex trade.

Our hope is that one day, people entangled in prostitution will recover the ability and right to lead their own life. The road towards a full recovery and a new life can be long and full of obstacles that are difficult to face without help.

We do not want to leave our friends alone in their misery and want to help them break the vicious circle they are trapped in!

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What are our relations in the field?

We want to collaborate with local social services and organisations because only together we can make an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. A multi-disciplined approach is essential for healing and restoration of the victims. 

We seek to connect with churches because we believe that churches in Luxembourg can offer a unique contribution in the battle against human trafficking and against commercial exploitation. 

Churches can contribute to the restoration of victims because they are communities of people who can speak up for survivors and against injustice as well as mobilise people and resources. With some tools and proper information, churches can offer a new social environment to victims; they can be a safe and loving environment where victims will be able to find new friends and support. 


We are all active members of the European Freedom Network, an international Christian network of organisations active in all areas of work against human trafficking and commercial exploitation in over 40 countries. EFN is affiliated with the European Evangelical Alliance. 

For more information about this network go to:

Image by Hannah Busing
Image by The Climate Reality Project

Spring2Freedom training

Being aware that survivors of human trafficking and those who are exploited in the sex trade suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, it is our priority to give care in a respectful way.


For this reason, our volunteers are trained and taught how to support and offer help to the victims of human trafficking and to women in prostitution.

Click here for more information.

What is the flower on our website?

This little flower, the Himalayan balsam, or impatiens glandulifera, has become for us an image of joy and of hope.

Its seeds, when touched by the wind, jump meters far away to bring forth new life. In the Bible, the wind is an image of God’s Spirit.

It is not by our efforts or power, but because of the Wind, the Holy Spirit of God, touching people, that things may change in the lives of people. We cannot influence the wind, nor its timing or direction, but we know He is present, He blows and He has great power! We can well perceive its fresh breeze!

In the phytotherapy the extracts of the Himalyan balsam are used for its calming effects. It is said to be a flower that helps against impatience.

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