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Your money can go a long way in helping us support those who want to start a new life. 

What are your donations used for

What are your donations used for?

  • To support women who stepped out of prostitution and who are transferring to a normal life. In this transition we take care of part of their primary needs. The process of becoming independent can take a few years for each person. Time is needed to recover, to do some training or schooling and/or language courses, and finally time to find a decent job and housing.

  • Part of our money is used for the women we meet on outreach. Sometimes, they are hungry and we buy them food. Sometimes we help with a food voucher. We go on outreach with a box full of drinks and chocolates, and often fruits or healthy food. We also help the women with items like clothing, and wherever a reasonable need can be answered, we will do so.

  • Every December we invite the women to a Christmas meal, and as part of that we also give them a nice gift.

  • We also buy Christian literature to distribute to the women, for example Bibles and calendars.

  • Our ASBL decided not to spend more than 15 % on overhead costs. Overhead costs are for our website, publicity, membership fees of the European Freedom Network, training costs, costs for renting a space if needed, administration costs.

  • It is in our future plans to rent a place in the city from where we could serve the women better, as well as to employ somebody full-time.

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