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Together on the road to freedom!

We want to prevent and combat human trafficking and any form of commercial exploitation of human beings and to help its victims

Who We Are

Spring2Freedom was launched by Christians in Luxembourg.

Our asbl has been present in the field since 2016; visiting women in prostitution regularly, listening to them, offering our help where we can and referring them to other associations if there are specific needs. 

“The person’s dignity, her/his value as a human being and created in God’s image, are absolute values on which our work is founded.” Anja (founder of Spring2Freedom)


How can you help?

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Blogs are coming soon in 2022, but please sign up to our Spring Times newsletter in the meantime to stay updated!

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Our Partners

We are in contact with churches and organisations with similar goals, partly via the European Freedom Network (EFN) and via the French Réseau Liberté.

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