Training - Hands That Heal

Hands that Heal training Course

Spring2Freedom volunteers are being trained and learn how to support and offer help to the victims of human trafficking and to women in prostitution. We use a training course called “Hands that Heal”.

What is Hands that Heal?

Hands that Heal is an international curriculum to train caregivers of trafficking survivors. It provides a comprehensive approach to serving victims of trafficking and educating caregivers so that they may appropriately and effectively provide care and support. This curriculum was developed in two editions: Community-based and Academic Edition. Spring2Freedom is using the community-based edition, which provides an interactive educational format that can be used in local communities and churches around the world and makes people aware of the issues of sex trafficking, informs them of the multifaceted needs of trafficking survivors and trains potential caregivers in introductory transformational care. The course is currently available in the following languages: French, Greek, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Khmer, Bulgarian, Indonesian (Bahasa) and Italian. We can offer training in English or in French.

How is it used?

Hands that Heal is being used by universities, churches and community groups to inspire people to engage in the battle against human trafficking and to train people on how to provide transformational care to survivors of human trafficking. Spring2Freedom uses it to train its volunteers and other interested persons in Luxembourg.

Are you interested?

If you like to join a training group in Luxembourg, you can contact us via the contact page.

More general information about the course is to be found on the website of FAAST International.