Together on the road to freedom!

1. What do we want?

We want to prevent and combat human trafficking and every form of commercial exploitation of human beings and to help its victims; mainly by:

  • Building friendships with those who prostitute themselves in Luxembourg.

  • Offering pastoral care and counselling to prostituted persons and to victims of commercial exploitation.

  • We want to support those who want to leave prostitution.

2. What is our vision?

We wish to play our role in society. Based on our Christian world view, our actions are determined by the love of our neighbour and by mercy. We recognise the importance of human rights and of human dignity, which are independent of origin, religion, nationality or gender. Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected (Charter of Human Rights of the EU, art. 1.)

We particularly want to help victims of sexual exploitation or other forms of slavery. First and foremost, we offer our friendship and a listening ear to them: we believe it is important that they have more social contacts, friends to rely on, over and above the professional contacts they have. Our vision is holistic: giving care towards healing and recovery, enabling victims a new start in life should not only concern the body, but also the soul and the spirit of a person. For that reason, and respecting everyone’s beliefs and choices, we also offer pastoral help to those who need and ask for it.

3. Why we focus on prostitution?

We are focused in the first place on exploited persons in prostitution because it is known that most victims of human trafficking are women who are exploited in the so-called sex industry. Our hope is that one day, women entangled in prostitution will recover the ability and right to lead their own life. The road towards a full recovery and a new life can be long and full of obstacles that are difficult to face without help. We believe that trust in God can give new hope and strength. For this reason, we want to be on this road together with them; to encourage and help where we can, whether they believe in God or not.

We do not want to leave our friends in their misery and want to help them break the vicious circle they are trapped in!

4. Who are we?

Spring2Freedom was launched by women from various churches in Luxembourg.

Our asbl has been present in the field since 2015; visiting women in prostitution regularly, listening to them and referring them to other associations if there are specific needs.

“The person’s dignity, her/his value as a human being and created in God’s image, are absolute values on which our work is founded.” Anja (founder of Sping2Freedom)

5. What are our relations in the field?

Different organisations work together in Luxembourg to improve life conditions of prostituted men and women, and we are convinced that a wide and multidisciplinary approach is needed because of the complex situations of the people concerned.

For individuals who have already left or are still kept imprisoned in sexual exploitation, our Christian approach can be an extra support, especially for those who are believers.

Our support can also be offered to other persons, men and women, who have been detected in other forms of slavery in Luxembourg. Victims should have the possibility to contact us so that we can establish a relationship with them.

We wish to learn from and cooperate with the other organisations and experts in Luxembourg, which are in charge of the care for identified victims of human trafficking or working for the benefit of persons in prostitution.

6. Our volunteers

We value every human beings as very precious, to be addressed with sympathy and respect. Being aware that victims of human trafficking and those who are exploited in the sex industry suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, it is our priority to give care in a respectful way. For this reason, our volunteers are being trained and learn how to support and offer help to the victims of human trafficking and to women in prostitution.

We use a training course called “Hands that Heal” that has been developed by recognized experts in the world and which prepares caregivers to work in shelter-homes.

7. How can I help?

  • By informing yourself and by inviting us to come and speak about the situation of women in prostitution in the Grand-Duchy at your church, women’s group or other circle.

  • By offering your support. Financially is one way, yet we also need many qualified persons in order to aid these women properly. If you feel a special interest for this ministry, you may consider joining our team. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

  • By prayer. For we believe that prayer can be very effective as a means to change. Our newsletter provides you with more information.

8. How can I support financially?

For gifts: Spring2Freedom ASBL,

IBAN LU13 0019 5255 8929 5000;

9. What is that flower in the website?

This little flower, the Himalayan Balsam, has become for us an image of joy and of hope.

Its seeds, when touched by the wind, jump meters far away to bring forth new life. In the Bible, the wind is an image of God’s spirit.

It is not by our efforts or power, but because of the Wind, the Holy Spirit of God, touching people, that things may change in the lives of victims. We cannot influence the wind, nor its timing or direction, but we know He is there and he blows and He has great power! We can well perceive its fresh breeze!

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us.